What can I plug my ibright into to power it?
ibright can be powered by most smart usb devices.  Apple lightning, micro usb, or usb 2.0 plugs will power the device.

Is the ibright latex free?
Yes.  The ibright mouthpiece is latex free.

Will the blue light hurt my skin?
No. The light is produces from led’s not UV light.

How do I clean my ibright mouthpiece?
Simply rinse with water.

What type of gel is included in the ibright kit?
Included in the ibright smart whitening kit are 3 – 3mL syringes loaded with our proprietary 30% carbamide peroxide gel.

My teeth have been sensitive to other whitening products, will I experience sensitivity using this product?
We use a carbide peroxide gel which has been proven to cause much less tooth sensitivity than many other peroxide gels especially when combined with l.e.d. technology.

How many applications can I get out of the gel included in the ibright system?
Using the recommended amount, you should get 10-15 applications with the amount included.  Additional gel is available.