Carbamide peroxide vs. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) is a fast acting bleaching agent that is very unstable and volatile if not correctly packaged and/or handled.  HP is often recommended for use by dentists only.  Carbamide Peroxide (CP) is a formulation of HP.  This formulation is safer on the tooth along with having a longer reaction time because of CP’s stable properties.  With years of testing, ibright has formulated a gel in which we have altered properties to conquer the best of both worlds with a photo initiator.

Carbamide peroxide is calculated to be one third the percentage of hydrogen peroxide, a 3:1 ratio.  For instance, a 18% CP solution has the same effect as a 6% HP solution.  In another example, a 30% CP solution is equal to a 10% HP solution.

A popular advantage of a carbide peroxide solution is the stability of the gel.  HP tends to deteriorate rapidly, even on store shelves, thus dissipating the proposed percentage of the solution.  Another reason why you will see a 3%HP solution on the store shelves in a heavily coated, light protected, brown bottle.

Problem Solved with our Proprietary Gel

Being a distinguished, aggressive manufacture in the teeth whitening industry with scientific data and research available, ibright smartphone teeth whitening embarks on a new era of technology advancement.  By incorporating a photo initiator solution, also referred as a “light activated accelerator,” we achieve overwhelming results of the immediate breakdown of HP yet having a product that is stable and lasting.

Fast Action

After years of consulting with whitening industry leaders and labs, all of which have substantial amount of clinical research, along with recent study of Proctor and Gamble, we conclude a true 30%CP is the most effective, safest formula available to the consumer for ibright smartphone whitening technology.

Other Ingredients:
Potassium Nitrate – known solution to prevent and defer sensitivity
Menthol – as to taste but clinically proven to defer irritation
Cabopol– exceptionally fine solution for pour penetration and added whitening power
Triethanolamine _ increases penetration and supports additional lightening of the dentin
Surfactant – acts as a plaque inhibitor preventing the initial adherence of bacteria to form on the teeth

ibright smartphone teeth whitening gel conforms to all ethnic backgrounds.